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PV College of Nursing

The College offers B.Sc. Nursing programme, during which the students not only learn the nursing needs across the medical spectrum, but also hospital management and crisis management.


PV College of Nursing with its inheritance of quality in nursing education for over 7 years. The institution has committed itself in all spheres by perpetuating the knowledge, practice and research, by disseminating the standard of education, to impart a career that helps to save lives, bring contentment to individual and their families which evolves to address the needs of the society worldwide. PV College of Nursing is dedicated to lay out its students with a quality of education that is centred more on holistic development of the individual by transforming the quality of life through innovative curriculum design, teaching methodology, simulation learning with all modern teaching aids and unearthing the individual’s intellectual capacity with the support of divergent campus. We offer a rigorous core learning in a time- honoured reputation to work in the community with dedication and compassion as a highly professionalised nurse in identifying and safeguarding the public health. We impart the best nursing education that integrates quality improvement, professional development, current technology and cost – effectiveness for our students and faculty with a unique discipline.


The PV college of Nursing envisions becoming a globally recognized Institute of Excellence in healthcare, education & research with the state-of-art technologies around the world through nurse leaders.


To prepare the nursing professionals practice nursing skills in the health care settings and in the community nationally and globally.
• To create an exemplary hi-tech learning environment for nursing graduates by fostering the highest sense of professionalism integrity, compassion, social responsibility, spiritual and moral uprightness to benefit the humanity.
• To generate knowledge by incorporating innovative educational strategies, research advancements for the nursing students to facilitate individuals, family and community in achieving the maximum state of well-being.
• To empower the nursing expertise as a globally recognized nurse leaders in collaboration with the health care delivery system.

Message from Chairman

PV College of Nursing was started in the year 2006, with its inheritance of quality in nursing education for over 16 years adopts innovative methods to improve the high quality of patient care, b.sc nursing education, research and career-oriented programmes with its B.Sc. Nursing programmes. Through its pioneering efforts, PV College of Nursing aims to provide wide opportunities to create leaders in the nursing profession by providing unique, innovative programmes in the health care field in India as well as internationally. We stand firmly grounded on the principles of humanness, which is in fact the need of the present day. The students are been trained under the care of qualified and experienced faculty and are provided with the best possible classroom and clinical exposures. PV College of nursing as its own parent hospital provides a great exposure to the student’s which emphasis on hands- on training for betterment of human needs. I am confident that the PV College of Nursing will create a benchmark in the field of nursing in Hyderabad as also India by ensuring a steady flow of trained professionals who meet the international standards in terms of quality of service provided. I welcome you to the PV College of Nursing and wish you success in all your future endeavours.

Present Executive Committee Members List

Dr. Arun Kumar S

Chairman & President

S Nayeem Kousar

Vice President

S Nurull Hussain

General Secretary Correspondent

Kavulabada Swathi

Joint Secretary

Kayulabada Chaitanya


N Hussain Saheb

Executive Member

Devasam Jagan Mohan

Executive Member


Our source of inspiration

Dr. Arun Kumar S, the chairman & president of the PV College of Nursing, Under Maheshwari Educational society initially affiliated to Dr. NTR University of Health Science, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
The college was founded in the year 2006 with the aim of providing quality education to poor students. Dr. Arun Kumar S had a vision to set forth on par by updating the B.Sc nursing education system by reforming curriculum to expose and engage students & faculty in research activities.